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Buyer's Roadmap

A sound cash flow & budget forecast is essential to any golf course business and resides at the core of financial prowess and survival. AGS provides the Buyer with Cash Flow Models that address Cash Forecasting, Cash Solvency and Cash Management. Through utilization of historical income statements and financials and through research of each department, AGS provides the Buyer with a budget forecast that is specifically aligned with their investment goals.

Our "Buyer's Roadmap" below explains some of the process steps. Click each heading to expand a discussion of what is involved.

  • Buyer Consulting

    Armel Golf Solutions is a professional golf course consulting firm and is present to advise, guide and offer professional advice in every aspect of the golf course business acquisition.

    We assist with operational strategies, formulation of business plans and implementation of such plans. AGS works in tandem with the Buyer and/ or Seller, Before, During and After the successful acquisition.

    AGS can also provide short term- interim management to give the Buyer valuable time to make the critical decision of whether to operate internally or utilize the services of a professional and long- term management group. We focus on providing accurate and relevant advice to all of our clients for the ultimate goal of a smooth and seamless acquisition and transition.

    AGS will guide you every step of the way.

  • Acquisitions

    One of the most important aspects of the acquisition process is ensuring that the Buyer is appropriately matched with a golf course property that meets their objectives. Armel Golf Solutions will guide the Buyer throughout the entire process from, including but not limited to, finding and locating a property, assisting with the creation of Financial Pro Formas and assisting with the completion of the Purchase and Sale Contract. In the event a lender is required for financing, AGS will aggressively attempt to align the Buyer with a variety of money sources to potentially secure debt.

    AGS will maintain a clear vision for the Buyer's ultimate goals and objectives.

  • Due Diligence

    The act of submitting an offer for the purchase a golf course asset is significantly dependent on the results of due diligence analysis. Due diligence is an investigation or audit of the potential investment and serves to confirm all financial records, materials and information deemed pertinent to the sale. Armel Golf Solutions understands that every situation is unique and offers a proven and refined approach to due diligence research that enables each and every Buyer to see both great opportunities as well as any potential pitfalls that may result in financial disaster. AGS focuses on the best interest of the Buyer, with a very "hands- on" approach to obtaining all answers to any questions that may be presented.

    AGS works closely with golf course owners and lenders and diligently gathers all relevant information to provide the Buyer with an accurate and thorough report.

    In addition, AGS can provide a second professional opinion through a review of feasibility studies performed by other firms. We will review the study, check the assumptions and provide a statement about the general credibility of the overall analysis.

  • Transitioning

    The transition and change of passage from one golf course owner to another is of utmost importance to minimize any disturbance to the public and/ or current membership as well as to maintain positive employee attitudes and confidence.

    AGS relies on a strong on- site presence, working closely with current owners and staff to ensure a smooth and seamless takeover for the new Buyer. We are there every step of the way to not only maintain the confidence of the golfing public but also to create excitement for the staff and members alike.

    AGS exudes professionalism, integrity and a positive attitude for all to embrace.

  • Partnering

    With more than twenty- five years experience, exclusively in the golf business, AGS has built life- long relationships on professional and personal levels with golf vendors all over the country, inspiring the creation and utilization of a unique "tool" called the "Partnering Effect."

    This "tool" enables AGS to provide a bridge between clients and relevant, reputable golf industry vendors whereby trust and long- term working relationships are an end result. We align our clients with expert services including but not limited to the following:

    • Accounting
    • Payroll/ Health/ Benefits
    • Legal Services
    • Property Insurance Underwriting
    • Management- Short- Term/ Long Term
    • Course Renovation, Shaping & Design
    • Irrigation Systems
    • Clubhouse Renovations
    • Cart Fleet
    • Turf Equipment
    • Golf Cart & Turf Equipment Financing
    • Agronomic Services
    • Soil Analysis
    • Environmental/ Hydrological Services
    • Point- of Sale Systems
    • GPS/ Mapping Technology
    • Food & Beverage
    • Merchandising
    • Marketing
    • Advertising

    AGS provides the benefits of this "tool" to both Buyers and Sellers for most effective and desired business results.

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